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Farmers Ask? Is this Drought the New Normal?

Angie Needels

It's the driest it's been in California, in like ever... well at least for an incredibly long time since we've only been tracking this information since the mid-1800's. 

I source most of my ingredients directly from local farmers that bring their produce and products to the Bay Area within a 100 mile radius. The conversations we are having as of late are...

"OH My goodness Angie... there is NO rain!".

This subject affects me deeply, if my farmer friends are stressed about how they are going to grow healthy foods, what does that mean for me in sourcing those foods from them? I rely on them and the health of their farms. I hate seeing them worried, trying to make ends meet and having to shell out so much extra money to maintain their farms livelihood.

Check out this great article by Adam Kotin, published by for more on what's up with California's drought and how it's affecting our farmers.