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Everyone's Raving About... Rachel Yellin's  "Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond" Audio Program...  GET 20% OFF TODAY!


Nourishment and Support for Growing Families

Everyone's Raving About... Rachel Yellin's "Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond" Audio Program... GET 20% OFF TODAY!

Angie Needels


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Now that I'm pregnant and approaching my own birth, I've been elated to have Rachel's NEW Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Audio Program in my arsenal of tools. What great timing!

Rachel and I have been friends for years in serving birth, but I hadn't had the opportunity to fully step in to the breadth of her work until now. In August, I attended her Childbirth Preparation Series with my husband and at that time started using her newly released audio program. 

I CAN NOT SPEAK MORE HIGHLY of these two tools in preparing realistic expectations for the birth that YOU WANT; and creating a deeply gratifying bond with yourself, your body, your birthing partner, your innate abilities to birth and your baby of course

For birth... THIS IS IT! A serious game changer. Even for me; who's listened to and read hundreds of birth stories, watched videos and films of natural and home birth and who has gone through years of explorations on a wide variety of health supporting modalities, taking Rachel's class and listening to her audio tracks daily has been so grounding and impactful to my confidence in becoming a new mama. 

I'll keep you posted on how the birth goes :)

THANK YOU Rachel for being you and creating this for all the world to have access to!

Rachel's Audio Program has three sections:
          1. Pregnancy & Birth - $40
                   2. After Birth - $25
                             3. Going Deep: Ultra Depth Hypnosis - $15 (for everyone)
                                         * Buy all three as a package and save - $60 *

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And if you're a practitioner or birth supporter and would love to tell the world about Rachel's amazing audio program, consider becoming an affiliate, and allow Rachel's work to support you too. Tell her "MamaKai" sent ya.