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(Not used in this template) MamaKai offers support for families in preconception, pregnancy, birth, post partum and child development. This includes: education, classes, support groups, online resources, nutrition, health coaching, and more. Donate TODAY and receive SO MUCH support from MamaKai! 


Nourishment and Support for Growing Families

"Spring Into Wellbeing" Fundraising Drive

Angie Needels

Greetings MamaKai Friends!

In becoming an Ongoing MamaKai Supporter, you can help kick off our newest"Spring into Wellbeing" charity drive... Please consider a small monthly donation.

Be it $1 or $100, your generous support has already done so much to help MamaKai support our greater community, and we're just getting started!

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In 3 short months, since launching our tele-conferenced pilot classes in January, available free to anyone with a phone or internet access, MamaKai's hosted 28 1-hourlong educational classes on a wide variety of health, wellness and cooking topics. MamaKai continues to host and record a new class every Monday and Thursday and is able to reach listeners from all over the globe.

MamaKai also hosts an evolving robust and extensive Wellness Resources Library and Blog, providing oodles of tools in an at-a-glance clickable list to make finding just what you need quick and easy.

Because these platforms for highly accessible FREE education and support are quite impactful already, we'd love to expand our dreams and bring even more great nourishment and support programs to growing families! 

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We could sure use your help though!

We hope our community will support our efforts and create true sustainability for MamaKai's effective and efficient growth. Here's what we are striving to offer our community...

Upcoming Initiatives... 

Our Proposed Apprenticeship & Kitchen Project...

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Blessings abound,

Angie Needels | Director
MamaKai, Nourishment and Support for Growing Families