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No More Sugar Blues - Starting the Year with a Sugar Detox

Angie Needels

It’s that time of year and many of you probably have some sort of exercise regimen, weight loss program or cleanse at the top of your New Year’s Resolution List. A sort of "hit the reset button" right? 

After the holidays and maybe indulging in sweet treats at work, holiday parties or family dinners, it's time for us to recalibrate our sweet tooth.

Let's do a little sugar detox. This can help increase all of our health goals for the new year.

It’s important to give our bodies a break from sugar and an over abundance of carbohydrates. Too many carbohydrates in our diet are directly linked to fatigue, blood sugar issues, weight issues, brain fog, energy highs and crashes and much more.

In the old days, eating desserts or sugary snacks were a rare treat. Anything sweet that was eaten was from nature and coming with all the necessary components to digest and integrate the minimal carbohydrates in the most optimal way. However, in today's society we've come to expect sweet in our everyday life. By eliminating sugars even for a few weeks, your body can break this addictive cycle.

There are many ways to detox and reset your sweet cravings, here are couple:

2 Week Sugar Elimination - Remove all flours, sugars or sweeteners, including sugar substitutes and even natural sweeteners

Paleo Style Elimination Diet - Remove the above ingredients in the 2 Week Sugar Elimination as well as coffee, grains, beans/legumes, dairy, alcohol, and chocolate. So you're asking... "What the heck can I eat?" - Check out the Paleo dietary guidelines and meal plan generator in the link -

When eliminating sugars and carbohydrate rich foods from your diet, you force your body to use fats as a more sustainable source of fuel. Fats contain 9 calories versus the 4 in carbs. You'll find that your energy level is more sustained throughout the day, you have less crashes and a need for a sweet treat or cup of coffee in the afternoon. And not to mention you're body will start to burn the fats that you already have in your body, trimming you up and showing more of your natural muscle tone.

Below are links for more support. Feel free to email me if you've got questions along the way.

21 Day Sugar Detox -

Whole 30 Program -              

Whichever detox you choose, keep in mind that it may be rough the first few days. Sugar withdrawals are similar to the addictive nature of kicking a drug habit. Some of these symptoms include headaches, fatigue, cranky-ness, and digestive issues. Please be sure to take things slow and consider working with a health care provider if you have other health issues.

These detoxes are ideal as they are not depriving your body along the way like some cleanses do. These detoxes are very nourishing and re-building.

To support your body during this detox, consider: getting more sleep, supplementing with high quality liquid B Vitamins, cod liver oil/salmon oil, and minerals.

Happy detoxing and starting your new year off with no more sugar blues!

From the old ways,
Primal Mama