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Welcome Primal Mama to MamaKai's Blog


Nourishment and Support for Growing Families

Welcome Primal Mama to MamaKai's Blog

Angie Needels

Happy New Year MamaKai Crew!

With the new year, comes new life galore.

Two months ago my hubby Scott and I welcomed our sweet baby girl Isabelle into the world via a safe and super healthy home birth. We are finding rhythm and balance with all of the great support our beloveds have shared with us. I'm finally feeling ready to emerge from the newborn cocoon and am OH SO EXCITED to get back to my mission here at MamaKai. 


With that, MamaKai's community continues to grow and great new things are stirring in the pot for 2015. I'm excited to expand our blog of great "mama" and "baby/child" related health and well-being topics by inviting our guest blogger, Primal Mama, to share in her expertise, passions and fun in being a health conscious mama with all of you. 

WELCOME Primal Mama... 

Look for more articles on:

  • Nutrition & Health
  • Homesteading
  • Children's Education
  • Sourcing
  • Product Reviews
  • Body & Home Care
  • Crafty Mamas
  • Sustainable Family
  • Recipes
  • Events & To Dos

Don't hesitate to let us know what you'd like to hear more about!

and here's a little from Primal Mama to get us started... 

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I’m Holly, also known as Primal Mama.

I've known Angie for several years now and am honored and excited to collaborate with her and to be a guest blogger here at MamaKai, being a resource for pregnant women and mamas. I hope to pass on some ideas and inspire optimal health and happiness in your family life.

In this modern world there are so many distractions and ‘new’ ways of doing things and often it can be a bit confusing, unhealthy, or even just downright complicated. With that I often try to understand the old ways or how our primal ancestors might have done things. Making decisions about what to eat and how to live based on these old world ways. I aspire to live simply, keeping my family healthy and as balanced as possible.

I am a nutritional therapist turned stay-at-home mama who is passionate and excited about health & wellness, food, crafts, family activities, DIY projects, nature-based education, and homesteading. 

In the new year, I plan on writing about these very same topics. All from a mama perspective... inclusive of kids and family dynamics... and sharing with you the many ways I've been able to keep my own family feeling energized and healthy.

I plan on sending out posts every other week or so. But as you probably know, we mamas need to be flexible and present... so that could wax and wane from time-to-time. Posts will be brief and to the point, giving you quick, digestible chunks of info and projects that you can in a manageable way. 

So stay tuned and don't forget to pass this on to all your mama friends too. 

From the old ways,

Primal Mama

Email me at with your thoughts, questions or feedback. I'm all ears!