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Support Niroga

Angie Needels

The Niroga Yoga Studio and Center for Well Being is operated by the Niroga Institute, a non profit organization bringing yoga out into the community for at risk youth and underserved populations. They are having a fundraiser this weekend and we should all be there to support their great work. On September 18-19, Niroga will be participating in the Richmond Community Foundation's WeGive2013 event! This is a 2-day online fundraising event. They want to raise $20,000 that will allow them to implement Transformative Life Skills (TLS) in 2 Richmond Schools. Watch this video that highlights their TLS program at Oakland Technical High School.

Thanks for your support friends!

Meet Rachel Yellin: HypnoCentered Birth Educator

Angie Needels


Rachel Yellin wears many hats and is a very VERY talented and amazing woman! Someone you WANT on your birth team for sure! She was a birth doula for many years, and now teaches HypnoCentered Childbirth Education, provides many pregnancy related services, is a consultant, depth hypnosis practitioner / hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, and non-denominational minister.

You can see everything she offers at!

I LOVE her Relaxation CD and listen to it several times a week. Her Ultra Depth Relaxation Audio download is only $5.50. My favorite ritual is to take a hot epsoms salts bath, crawl into bed in a dark bedroom and pop on this CD on my headphones. What a perfect way to pamper yourself and shed away the stress of the day!

Rachel has been a MamaKai advocate since day one! She knows the great value of eating nutrient-dense foods to support not only a healthy you (mama and papa) but also a healthy child! THANK YOU RACHEL for supporting MamaKai and seeing your community have more access to healthful meals.

For more on Rachel's philosophy and what makes her extra special check out her About page!