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Community Might Be More Important Than We Think...

Angie Needels

I love documentaries. I'm a very visual learner and documentaries allow me to see so many different perspectives on topics from food and nutrition; nature, our planet and our universe; historical people, places and events; religion and spirituality; scientific study; justice and politics; and the list goes on. This is amazing for perspective. I have a lot of appreciation for the film makers and teams that dare to bring their vantage point to life and share it with the world.

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NATURE: Animal Odd Couples (available on Netflix) shows how so many creatures have core components of collaboration and deep connections with one another even within cross species relationships. From that documentary...

In "Getting By With a Little Help From Their Friends: 5 Things Monkeys Are Teaching us About Friendship", Postdoc associate at Duke University’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Lauren Brent, has been studying "friendships" in a large community of Rhesus monkeys in Puerto Rico for the past 7 years. She's been tracking behaviors in community structure and is uncovering so much in how they prioritize cooperation and support over individuality and competition. View Lauren's TED talk HERE.

"Friends can help you live a longer, healthier life. When comparing individual monkeys, the ones with the strongest friendships live the longest and have the most babies, indicating that friendship helps both monkeys and humans survive and reproduce."

We humans are no different. We crave company and have the capacity to make deep bonds with another human. For those of you who've already had a baby, I'm guessing your heart exploded with love when you first held your child, am I right?

So why is it that we as humans have deviated from this innate part of who we are? What would our world look like if we prioritized lifting our community up when they need it most. There really is NO better time to band together, than when a child is being brought into a community. Those new parents need lots of support to ensure they stay healthy and that their children grow into healthy contributors of society.