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POSTPONED - Planning Meals for YOUR Post Partum @ GetzWell Pediatrics (In Person)

If you are preparing for your birth, this is a great FREE class you don't want to miss!

We'll provide a cozy spot, some nutrient-dense snacks and beverages and get to chatting about what you and your family are realistically going to need regarding meals and foods that will support your birth and beyond. 

Here's the quick outline of topics that we'll discuss:

  1. Mama's Health Needs After Birth
  2. Baby's Health Needs After Birth
  3. Planning a Menu to Serve Those Needs
  4. Community Support Options in Preparing Nourishing Meals
  5. Storing / Thawing / Reheating for Easy Nutrient Access

PLEASE RSVP (15-20 max)

Location: GetzWell Pediatrics, 1701 Church Street, SF, CA 94131

Moulah: FREE - MamaKai strives to create free education and events for all community members. We can do that because our community members Get Involved