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Kitchen Skills: Packing Lunches

Tele-conference Line:  (619) 326-2730   /   Pass Code: 9072#

Let's admit it... Everyone is pretty darned busy these days. We are always on the go, either in school, at work or going from meeting to meeting.

Lunches are typically thrown for a loop in the middle of our day and don't often receive the attention they need in giving us energy supporting nutrients to keep us going. Eating out can add up too and can consist of a larger part of our budget. 

If we are looking for ways to cut costs and improve health, packing our own lunches with meals we've prepared at home can accomplish both! Let's discuss more on this call how we can make packing lunches for ourselves and our children fun and easy.

Planning ahead: We'll support you in a new health and wellness topic each Monday and Thursday @ 2pm (PST)