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Recovering from Eating Disorders in Motherhood with Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe

Tele-conference Line:  (619) 326-2730   /   Pass Code: 9072#

Women everywhere are faced with their appearance being a part of their value. As much as we don't want to admit it, it is part of most woman's reality. Body image myths can play a serious role in the physical and emotional health of women and causes so many women and young girls to the brink of eating disorders. This can play an even more important role as we travel through pregnancy and birth, the body changes so dramatically, so quickly and what nourishes a woman through pregnancy, nourishes the foundation of her unborn child's body. 

With Dr. Linda, we'll explore the health of our children through healthy mamas. What it looks like to have a healthy relationship with our birthing vessel, the foods that nourish us through this process and receiving loving support from our community to keep us strong and feeling loved, not shamed along the way. 

Planning ahead: We'll support you in a new health and wellness topic each Monday and Thursday @ 2pm (PST)