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Supporting Our Bodies: Endocrine Function... A Hormone Messengers with Anne Fischer Silva

Tele-conference Line:  (619) 326-2730   /   Pass Code: 9072#

Ever wonder how you can feel out of control sometimes? Want to feel more balanced in your natural reactions to life's stressors? Have you generally been feeling extra tired or know that you have fatigue? 

On this call, Anne Fischer Silva of A New Leaf Nutrition & Holistic Health, will help to guide us through the basics of how our endocrine system (comprising of our glands and hormones) works and how we can be greatly affected when disruption or imbalance happens in this system. 

I know I'll be studying the endocrine system for the rest of my life, it's simply fascinating, so complex and plays a very vital role in how we "feel". 

Planning ahead: We'll support you in a new health and wellness topic each Thursday @ 2pm (PST)