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(Not used in this template) MamaKai offers support for families in preconception, pregnancy, birth, post partum and child development. This includes: education, classes, support groups, online resources, nutrition, health coaching, and more. Donate TODAY and receive SO MUCH support from MamaKai! 


Our classes help unearth a story and exploration of reaching optimal health and happiness, for each of us as an individual and collectively as a human species. 

Thank you for joining in our story of health and happiness... AND bringing more of that into your own life!

MamaKai's extensive library of audio, visual and online resources is here as a community support to YOU. Everyone deserves to live a rich, healthful and exuberant life, especially our children. 

Below are audio classes on a wide variety of topics to give you some ideas of things you could incorporate to get you there. We have even more on our Wellness Resources Library and Blog too.

If you've found any of these classes or other resources found here useful and are celebrating your life because of it, PLEASE support MamaKai so she can continue supporting you and our growing community.


LISTEN NOW   -   What's MamaKai All About? 


LISTEN NOW   -   Intro to Nutrient-density and Traditional Diets

LISTEN NOW   -   Water & Nutrient-dense Beverages

LISTEN NOW   -   The Basics on Fats

LISTEN NOW   -   Essential Fats For Your Health 

LISTEN NOW   -   Making and Using Bone Broths

LISTEN NOW   -   Sourcing Quality Ingredients

LISTEN NOW   -   Fermented Foods with Karen Diggs

LISTEN NOW   -   Essential Oils: Mother Nature's Medicine Cabinet

LISTEN NOW   -   Animal Products

LISTEN NOW   -   Seafoods & Seaweeds

LISTEN NOW   -   Egg-stravaganza


LISTEN NOW   -   WHY A Doula Is a Great Part of Your Birth Team with Lora Hart

LISTEN NOW   -   Conscious Preconception & Birth / Healing Birth Trauma with Mary Goyer

LISTEN NOW   -   Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) with Amber Dawn Hallet

LISTEN NOW   -   HypnoBirth & Depth Hypnosis with Kathy Woo

LISTEN NOW   -   Balancing Your Life through Ayurveda with Heather Grzych

LISTEN NOW   -   Hair Mineral Analysis with Laura Ciapponi


LISTEN NOW   -   Meal Planning / Nutrient Balancing

LISTEN NOW   -   Building a Basic Pantry

LISTEN NOW   -   Top 10 Kitchen Tools

LISTEN NOW   -   Freezer-Friendly... Cooking Meals in Large Batches

LISTEN NOW   -   Clean Body & Home Care Products

LISTEN NOW   -   Good for YOU Sweet Treats

LISTEN NOW   -   The Beauty of Braising

LISTEN NOW   -   Salads & Dressings

LISTEN NOW   -   Packing Lunches


LISTEN NOW   -   Digestion; The Gateway to Our Health

LISTEN NOW   -   Endocrine Function... Our Hormone Messengers with Anne Fischer Silva

LISTEN NOW   -   Oral & Dental Health

LISTEN NOW   -   Through Travel

LISTEN NOW   -   Skin, Nails & Hair


LISTEN NOW   -   Create the Birth YOU Want with LOVE from Friends & Family

LISTEN NOW   -   How to Host a Baby Blessing Cooking Party... For Yourself of Someone You LOVE


LISTEN NOW   -   A Deeper Look at How We Nourish Ourselves with Cynthea Denise

LISTEN NOW   -   Conscious Evolution with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

LISTEN NOW   -   Deeply Healing after Pregnancy Loss / Neonatal Death with Dianne

LISTEN NOW   -   Being Perfect

LISTEN NOW   -   Commitment

LISTEN NOW   -   Recovering from Eating Disorders in Motherhood with Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe

LISTEN NOW   -   Shame