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Traditional vs. Processed Foods

My food philosophy is derived primarily from traditional cultures around the world, and looks at how humanity has benefited from the natural health and vitality of their foods. 


We Made It This Far, Right?

Something had to have been working for the traditional cultures of the world as we evolved as humans over the past 2 million years. Unfortunately, we have seen so much more disease in the last couple generations than the traditional world did.

This begs the following question:

What differences in today‘s food system and way of life could cause such increases in health problems?

The difference is a combination of food sources, preparation methods, and the choice of foods. While different traditional diets around the world and throughout different times in history varied of course, many of the cultures that Dr. Weston A. Price researched in the 1930’s/40’s consisted of unprocessed highly nutrient-dense whole foods and were generally made up of 50-80% high-quality fats, 7-10% protein, with carbohydrates filling in the rest.

This is a very different macronutrient make-up than today‘s common diet. Today’s boxed foods are primarily made from carbohydrate-based ingredients, and processed in a way that strips them of their nutritional value, giving our bodies little to work with. Much of the reason we “crave” foods is because our bodies are asking for certain nutrients needed to keep an intricate homeostasis. Foods prepared from scratch, with lots of love and care, unlock an abundance of nutrients that are easily recognized by the body, and satisfy us in so many ways, not the least of which is taste! These foods are delicious, and when the body is given the elements it needs in an easily absorbable fashion, it knows just what to do with them. Weight management occurs naturally, reducing stress, and tremendously reducing the risks of other health concerns, such as cancer, diabetes, and mental illness.

Traditional cultures also took great care of community members during their prime child-bearing years. During the age of preconception, women and men in these tribes were given an abundance of “sacred” foods so as to ensure they were well-equipped for conception, a healthy pregnancy, an easy delivery, breastfeeding, and a rapidly developing baby, and this focus ensured the stability and overall health of the clan, so that the next generation, the one that would take over, would be even healthier than their own.

While these traditional foods are most essential to the health of mama and baby, they were integral for ALL persons. Everyone thrives on these foods!